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Server Tent is a Virtual Private Server (VPS, VDS, VM) provider that specializes in providing high quality servers at an ultra low price.
You can read more about us by visiting our website directly.

Package CPU Cores Dedicated RAM SSD Storage Monthly Bandwidth IP Addresses Monthly Price
Tent 512Perfect for small websites, or low-resource applications 1 Core @ 2.50+ GHz 512 MB 20 GB Unmetered 1 IPv4 $4.00/mo Order
Tent 1024Perfect for small websites, or low-resource game servers 1 Core @ 2.50+ GHz 1024 MB 40 GB Unmetered 1 IPv4 $6.50/mo Order
Tent 2048Great for a small-medium sized website or lower level game server 1 Core @ 2.50+ GHz 2048 MB 60 GB Unmetered 1 IPv4 $9.00/mo Order
Tent 4096Still one core, but double the RAM. Great for most websites and game servers 1 Core @ 2.50+ GHz 4096 MB 100 GB Unmetered 1 IPv4 $15.00/mo Order
Tent 8192A dual-core with 8GB of dedicated RAM 2 Core @ 2.50+ GHz 8192 MB 250 GB Unmetered 1 IPv4 $30.00/mo Order
Tent 12288Great for high traffic websites. 3 Core @ 2.50+ GHz 12288 MB 400 GB Unmetered 1 IPv4 $45.00/mo Order
Tent 20480Perfect for those that require high performance, dedicated power 5 Core @ 2.50+ GHz 20480 MB 650 GB Unmetered 1 IPv4 $75.00/mo Order
Tent 32768Better than many dedicated servers, this is perfect for websites with millions of monthly visitors 8 Core @ 2.50+ GHz 32768 MB 800 GB Unmetered 1 IPv4 $120.00/mo Order

ServerTent Virtual Dedicated Servers


About ServerTent

ServerTent is a new addition to DoRoyal, and is operated as a secondary brand.  

Differences Between ServerTent and DoRoyal

ServerTent is an unmanaged virtual dedicated server provider. There is no support, no assistance. You’re entirely on your own.

Unlike the shared hosting that DoRoyal provides, ServerTent offers virtual dedicated servers. The majority of everything you’ll do with the server is done through a command line interface. If you’re uncomfortable using a command line, we don’t suggest buying a ServerTent product.

ServerTent operates with very limited stock, since we are essentially selling dedicated servers. Once all of the servers are sold, you must wait for us to provision more. DoRoyal, on the other hand, can host thousands of shared website hosting accounts on a single server, so there is never a shortage of stock.



Server Tent is a provider of high quality Virtual Dedicated Servers. All of our servers come with dedicated system resources, reserved exclusively for you.

Virtualizor KVM

We use the popular Virtualizor control panel for all server management needs. While we offer a dedicated control panel that you can access to view all of your servers, you can also manage individual servers straight from our storefront itself.


Virtualizor Features

  • Easily start, reboot, reinstall, and manage, your VDS.

  • Never over-sold. All resources are dedicated specifically for your server, and are never shared among our other customers.

  • High power, low price. We optimize our servers with storage in mind, while also ensuring that there’s enough processing power and RAM to go around.

  • Great for hosting websites, game servers, or pretty much any application you can reasonably run on a Linux environment.

  • Multiple operating systems to choose from, including AlmaLinux, CentOS, Ubuntu, and more.

  • As we grow, so will our offerings.