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Anything that you believe we should add as part of DoRoyal, whether it's our core hosting platform itself, our domain name registration services, our Portal / storefront, or something else entirely, you're more than welcome (and encouraged) to post your suggestion here!  However, to try and keep things as streamlined as possible, please be sure to be as specific as you can. Here are a few examples of what a post might look like.    Example 1 Title: PHP 8.2 Support Message: Hey there, it would be super neat if you could add PHP 8.2 support on the Royal 2 server.    Example 2 Title: Add .CO.UK domain Message: I'd like to order a .CO.UK domain, any chance that you can add that as an available option?   Example 3 Title: Add Stripe Support Message: I don't currently have PayPal, could you add Stripe instead?