To continue to be able to serve our customers with the best website hosting experience around, we have now opted to introduce soft limits to all of our hosting plans and packages. This change affects current and future customers equally, and has been in effect for the last couple of weeks.

In short, all web hosting accounts that are using one of our cPanel servers, have a soft limit for available disk space and monthly bandwidth.

Starter Plan: 1GB Disk, 40GB Bandwidth
Jester’s Plan: 8GB Disk, 100GB Bandwidth
King’s Plan: 25GB Disk, 300GB Bandwidth


Why Are You Introducing Soft Limits?

We’re mostly doing this to ensure that our network remains fast, stable, and secure. In the past, we’ve had people abuse our hosting policies, to a point where a single website ended up storing over a terabyte of data on their account. This was, obviously, against our terms of use, since the vast majority of the hosted data was unrelated to the operation of their website.

However, it got us to take a look at our policies, and we came to realize that there was room for improvement. While we do not enforce software limits on our hosted accounts, which allows for our clients to use as much storage space as they realistically need, we are now opting to enforce “soft limits”.


What Is A ‘Soft Limit’? 

It’s the minimum amount of storage space and bandwidth we will reserve for your account. Unlike a hard limit, we won’t cut you off if you go over your soft limit.


What Will Happen If I Go Over My Soft Limit?

To make this simple, our policy is as follows;

  1. If you are hosting on either our Starter or Jester Plan’s, and if you’re close to or surpass 25GB of disk space and 300GB of bandwidth, you will need to upgrade to King’s Plan.
  2. If you are hosting on our King’s Plan, and if you’re close to or surpass 50GB of disk space and 600GB of bandwidth, you will need to order the More Storage & Bandwidth addon.


Got Questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to submit a support ticket, and we’ll respond back as soon as we can.