About DoRoyal

DoRoyal Hosting has been providing website hosting services since April of 2012. We’re a largely independent provider, with us being owned and operated by Sidular. Ultimately, our goal is to provide the absolute best website hosting experience imaginable, while treating our customers like royalty, not some random number on a spreadsheet.

The Royal Decree

(otherwise known as “this is why you should host here”)

The First Decree – Reliability

You always hear about reliability, and how important it is to ensure that the host you pick is as reliable as possible. Since 100% of anything is pretty much impossible to truly maintain, you’ll find that most web hosting providers offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This is pretty standard stuff, since all we (the hosts) have to do is keep the lights on. (it’s of course more complicated than that, but you get the idea) But what happens when things go down? And yes, we said “when”, not “if”. The fact is, no system is perfect, and outages will occur, no matter who you’re hosting with. Not even Google themselves are immune. So what happens when DoRoyal goes down? Well, that’s simple. If your website goes down while you’re hosting with us, we will give you a free month of web hosting at the minimum. Seriously, no joke. We’re so confident in our network, that we’ll literally give you free hosting if our network goes down. Doesn’t matter if it’s for a few minutes, or a few hours. You’ll be given a free month. If the outage is very severe, we may even up it to a full year of free hosting. The only requirement is that you contact us after everything is back online. We’re not going to proactively give out free hosting to every single client, since it’s something we gotta do manually. So yeah, just reach out after an outage, and we’ll give you free hosting. And of course things like scheduled maintenance are exempt from this policy. Don’t worry, we’ll notify you by email if we need to take the server offline for an extended period of time. We also actively post to our Twitter when there’s some kind of downtime or scheduled event.

The Second Decree – Support

Have you ever had to reach out to [insert company here], asking them for help with a specific issue you’re having, only for someone to respond back with a link to a random knowledgebase article two days later? Not only that, but it’s an article you’ve read countless times over. You just know the person who responded back to your inquiry is just reading off of a script, or using some kind of auto-generated response. It’s almost like they just don’t care. Like you’re nothing more than a number to them. We’ve experienced that kind of service first hand, which is actually one of the main reasons DoRoyal exists. You see, before we created DoRoyal, we did a thing called “host hopping”, where we’d basically migrate from one host to another, never quite fitting in with any of them. Nobody was able to offer us the services that we needed, at a price that we considered fair. So rather than constantly moving from host to host, we decided to become our own host. One that actually cares about its clients. That’s why we read each and every single support ticket, and respond to them by hand-typing everything. No robots, or unhelpful links. Just pure human to human interaction. We also guarantee a response within 12 hours, and typically maintain an average response time of 45 minutes. Oh, and if we fail to respond back within 12 hours? Well, we’ll give you some account credit.

The Third Decree – Honesty

Have you ever noticed how most major providers display their prices as a monthly breakdown, even though you need to pay for a few years upfront to get the prices they’re advertising? And then after you’ve paid for your three years of hosting upfront, your plan is now set to renew at an even higher price because of a seemingly unending 60% off discount that applies for new customers only. So now, that $2.75 plan costs you $100, with it renewing at $250 in three years time. That’s just dishonest marketing, and it’s exactly what one of our actual competitors are doing. As in, they’re advertising their lowest end plan at $2.75, and charging you $100 upfront, with that price going up to $250 in three years. For obvious reasons, we don’t do that here. When we advertise our Starter Plan as being $3.95 per month, that’s the actual price you pay per month. No commitments required, or contracts, or anything of the sort. We pride ourselves on an honest, genuine, and personable hosting experience. Always. Though, we do provide yearly discounts for those that want them, we just don’t blatantly advertise it as our monthly price, since you’d be paying yearly, not monthly.

The Fourth Decree – Independent

Did you know that most of the top web hosting providers are all owned by one company? No, for real. Look it up. Unlike them, DoRoyal is entirely independent. We’re owned and operated by Sidular, which means we’re as indie as it gets! And no, we will never sellout to the highest bidder, as we’re quite honestly not in it for the money. If we were, we’d probably deploy all of the shady tricks our competitors use to draw people in. Besides, we host our own websites here, too. This is our network, and we rely on it to keep our own projects online just as much as our clients rely on us to keep them online. We’re passionate about websites. Like, did you know that we own one of the oldest online news publications in the world? It’s a 22 year old gaming news publication that first came online in 1999. We host it here, on the DoRoyal network. We will never do anything that could possibly compromise that, which is why we will forever remain an independent provider.

So Why Should You Host Here?

If you’re still wondering as to why you should be hosting your website with us, instead of one of our many competitors? Well, here’s a basic list of reasons.
  1. We have all of the standard industry leading technologies, with very few customized modifications to ensure host-to-host compatibility and consumer familiarity.
  2. We are fairly and competitively priced. When we say a hosting plan is $3.95, it means you actually pay $3.95.
  3. We provide all accounts with a free AutoSSL Certificate. We also sell dedicated SSL Certificates from RapidSSL, GeoTrust, and digicert.
  4. We back up our servers once per week in case of major hardware failure. We also provide daily (premium) backup services with support for up to 200GB of data.
  5. We never oversell our servers.
  6. We have a dedicated team monitoring our servers every hour to ensure that they remain stable and secure.
  7. We are not a reseller. All of our servers are colocated at Joe’s Datacenter.

Simply put, DoRoyal is not your typical web host. We’re not here to make as much money as possible. We simply wish to host your website, and provide an inexpensive service that makes sense.