First, let me just say how absolutely thankful I am for all of the love and support DoRoyal has received over the last eight, going on nine, years. I know many people question the legitimacy of an unknown web host, but if it weren’t for the support of our early adopters, we quite simply wouldn’t be here today. We don’t have an advertising budget of any kind, and rely pretty much entirely on referrals from our current clients. So, thank you. You’re why DoRoyal still exists nearly a decade later.

With that said, I’d like to officially announce a new web hosting plan from DoRoyal. The Eternal Kingdom.

New Plan? What Is it?

The Eternal Kingdom is a lifetime hosting plan. You pay once, and get as much hosting as we can provide, for as long as we exist. It has 3GB of Disk Space, and 100GB of Monthly Bandwidth. These are hard limits, meaning you cannot go over them. If you use all of your bandwidth for a given month, your website will temporarily be suspended. (we’re looking into the possibility of allowing users to order additional space or bandwidth – more on that later)

How Much Does It Cost?

The Eternal Kingdom package is available for a one-time payment of $300.

Wait, Is This Thing Actually Profitable?

Yes, but also no. The current price grants approximately five years of hosting, based on the current cost of Jester’s Plan. We will also be removing inactive Eternal Kingdom websites from our network, as to free up space on the server.

How Do You Determine What Websites Are Inactive?

Don’t worry, we won’t be removing websites just because they get very little to no traffic. Instead, we’ll only remove websites that no longer have an active primary domain name associated with them. So if you let your domain expire, or if you opt to point it to another web server from a third party provider, we will deem your account as inactive, and remove it accordingly.

I’m A Current Customer, Can I Order This?

Of course! Just order it like you would any other hosting account, and it’ll be set up automatically for you.

Can I Transfer My Existing DoRoyal Plan Over?

Unfortunately not. If you’re a current customer, you would need to order an Eternal Kingdom plan separately. We cannot migrate or convert your existing hosting package into an Eternal Hosting package.

Lifetime Hosting, Eh? Seems Too Good To Be True…

Lifetime, in this case, refers to DoRoyal, not you. Basically, it means we will provide you with website hosting for as long as we exist.

How Do I Know DoRoyal Is Trustworthy? This Could Be A Scam!

DoRoyal has been selling and hosting websites since April of 2012. While we’re not quite a decade old, we’re pretty darn close. We’re hosting hundreds of websites, and have clients from over 15 different countries. We are not a fly-by-night operation. You can also view our TrustPilot page here – 

That’s Still A Lot Of Money, Even If You’re Trustworthy!

The pricing model is based on a five year hosting estimate. If you, as a website operator, intend to host your website for five or more years, signing up for our Eternal Kingdom plan will actually save you quite a bit of money in the long run, and that’s assuming you use our prices as a standard. If you were to instead use the industry standard pricing, our Eternal Kingdom plan is actually only the equivalent of around two years of hosting from one of our main competitors.

Additionally, the Eternal Kingdom package will consistently be sold at lower prices, such as during holiday sales.