Most website hosting providers only operate for a couple of years, and then vanish from the face of the internet. In fact, very few of them actually survive past their first year, let alone the full decade that DoRoyal’s been around for.

While being around for ten years is great, running on slightly outdated hardware is significantly less great. That is why, beginning this summer, we intend to upgrade our hosting infrastructure with new server technologies, and decommission or otherwise repurpose our older stuff.


New Servers

As DoRoyal brings more hosting services online, our need for new server hardware is going to keep growing. To help make things a bit simpler, we will be using a specific brand-focused naming scheme to help designate which server does what.

Royal servers will be used by our shared hosting customers. Each new Royal server will be appointed a number, such as Royal-1, Royal-2, etc.
King servers will be used to designate our Virtual Private Servers, and will be split up into the same naming schedule. So, King-1, King-2, etc.
Queen servers will be optimized for storage, and used primarily for backup services. Each Queen server will be designated by a city or location, such as Queen-Toronto1, Queen-London2, Queen-Tokyo3, etc.
Jester servers are our all-purpose servers, and could be used for practically anything. Whether it’s a WordPress-centric hosting environment, or a specialized environment running some obscure operating system. This is where we will experiment. Where we’ll test new services and technologies.

Old Servers

All of our current cPanel-powered servers will be decommissioned, and upgraded to one of our upcoming Royal servers. All of our current website hosting customers will be migrated to one of our upcoming servers, with very little to no downtime for the end user. Our aim is to provide the most up-to-date hosting environment for everybody, whether you’re a website hosting professional, software developer, or just a typical person writing on their blog.

DirectAdmin Servers

All of our current DirectAdmin-powered servers will continue to operate as they are today. No changes are being made.


New Hosting Packages

As DoRoyal enters into a new decade of its life, we will also begin to introduce new hosting packages and plans.

Virtual Private Servers

Shared hosting will always be our bread and butter, but there’s definitely a growing interest in Virtual Private Servers. They provide extra power, control, flexibility, and freedom, over shared hosting. That is why, starting later this year, we plan to introduce several new VPS Hosting plans and packages.

Dedicated Servers

Similar to Virtual Private Servers, we aim to be able to provide dedicated servers in 2023, though our actual launch may be a tad later than that. It’s important to us that we own and operate all of our severs ourselves, so bringing new stock online could prove to be quite troublesome, and more importantly, costly. For that reason, we will have a very limited selection of servers available for rent.

In-House Backup Solutions

While we will continue to offer CodeGuard as an available backup option for all of our existing and future hosting clients, we will be creating our own backup network as a secondary option for those that wish to use it. DoRoyal’s Backup Solutions will primarily be focused on dedicated and virtual private server clients, such as to back up an entire VPS, which CodeGuard does not presently support. Additionally, our backup services will provide support for personal desktop backups, so you will be able to back up your entire home computer, photos, and other digital files, safely to our network.

CodeGuard is still recommended for website backups, and provides support for up to 200GB of remote cloud storage. The DoRoyal Backup Solution is primarily for raw and secure storage, and we intend to support upwards of 10TB.

There’s no release date for this service.


Final Word

Everything that has been announced here is really just the start. We intend to further expand our services beyond what has already been announced, so stay tuned for more announcements sometime down the line.