Hey all, Tyler here.

As some of you may have noticed, we recently introduced a brand new hosting platform, which we decided to call Server Tent! This platform is operationally separated from DoRoyal Hosting, and is intended to serve an entirely different clientele.

I’ll be using this article to briefly describe the differences between Server Tent and DoRoyal Hosting, explain Server Tent’s offerings, as well as to share the reasoning for Server Tent to exist in the first place.


What Is Server Tent?

ServerTent.com is a Virtual Dedicated Server provider. Server Tent does not provide shared web hosting services, domain name registration services, or any kind of additional addons or features.


What Is DoRoyal Hosting?

DoRoyal.com is a shared website hosting provider and domain registrar. DoRoyal offers low-cost, but feature-rich, shared hosting services with a DirectAdmin environment.


What Are Server Tent’s Offerings?

Package CPU Cores Dedicated RAM SSD Storage Monthly Bandwidth IP Addresses Monthly Price
Tent 512 1 Core @ 2.50+ GHz 512 MB 20 GB Unmetered 1 IPv4 $4.00/mo Order
Tent 1024 1 Core @ 2.50+ GHz 1024 MB 40 GB Unmetered 1 IPv4 $6.50/mo Order

Tent 2048

1 Core @ 2.50+ GHz 2048 MB 60 GB Unmetered 1 IPv4 $9.00/mo Order
Tent 4096 1 Core @ 2.50+ GHz 4096 MB 100 GB Unmetered 1 IPv4 $15.00/mo Order
Tent 8192 2 Core @ 2.50+ GHz 8192 MB 250 GB Unmetered 1 IPv4 $30.00/mo Order
Tent 12288 3 Core @ 2.50+ GHz 12288 MB 400 GB Unmetered 1 IPv4 $45.00/mo Order
Tent 20480 5 Core @ 2.50+ GHz 20480 MB 650 GB Unmetered 1 IPv4 $75.00/mo Order
Tent 32768 8 Core @ 2.50+ GHz 32768 MB 800 GB Unmetered 1 IPv4 $120.00/mo Order

Is DoRoyal Hosting More Powerful Than Server Tent?

This depends on which hosting package you’re on, as well as which Server Tent server you’re using. You also need to remember that DoRoyal is a shared hosting provider, meaning you are sharing your resources with our other clients. Server Tent, on the other hand, is entirely dedicated.


What Is A VDS?

A Virtual Dedicated Server, or VDS for short, is just a fancy marketing term to describe a Linux KVM VPS.


What Is A KVM?

Kernel-based Virtual Machine. It’s a method of server virtualization that will essentially emulate a full bare metal dedicated server. A KVM VPS dedicates physical hardware to a particular instance, effectively turning a full metal server into multiple servers.


Should I Switch To Server Tent From DoRoyal?

Honestly, probably not, no. Odds are, you do not need full dedicated power, or root level access to the server. And even if you did indeed require full root to your own dedicated machine, Server Tent does not provide any kind of control panel or user interface. You must manage your server through command line, install your own control panel, update and manage your own operating system, and configure everything yourself.

If you’re not a fan of doing it all yourself, then DoRoyal is the simplest, easier, faster, and better way to host your website. We provide DirectAdmin access, pay all of the licensing and server fees, and just do what we can to ensure that your website remains online and stable at all times.

Server Tent requires you buy your own licenses, panels, and extra services. While you could recreate DoRoyal within Server Tent, and can even operate your own website hosting provider if you wanted to, you would need to do everything yourself. There’s no support.

Wait, I Can Use Server Tent To Compete Against DoRoyal?

Sure, if you wanted to, you can do that. You would need to buy all of the licenses yourself, and then decide which server environment to host off of, but ultimately yes, you could start your own competing web host using Server Tent as your backbone provider.

Can I Use Server Tent To Host Game Servers?

Yes, you can. Just be aware that we do not provide a control panel for managing your game servers, so you’ll need to supply one yourself.

Can I Use ServerTent To Host A cPanel Powered Website?

Yes, you most definitely can. However, you will need to buy a cPanel license yourself. The cPanel Solo license is $15.99 each month, and includes access to a single account. You could also buy the cPanel Premier license for $59.99 a month, which grants up to 100 accounts. Just be aware that there is a very high chance that cPanel will increase their prices again, so the rates mentioned here in this article may not be overly accurate in a few months time.

Intended For Advance Users

By the end of the day, Server Tent is intended for our more advanced users. For the people that are comfortable and experienced in using a command line interface. If you just want to host a website, and don’t want any extra work, DoRoyal is likely the best option. However, if you want to fully customize your hosting experience, with 100% control and total freedom? If you’re experienced with Linux, and comfortable with managing a Linux operating system without a graphical user interface? ServerTent could be for you.