DoRoyal has been providing a website hosting service with no resource limitations in place for many, many years. We also only had two web hosting plans back then.

However, now that it is the year 2023, we no longer offer a mere two plans. Nowadays, you’ve got six plans to choose from.

Diversity is great, huh?

Unfortunately, diversity also causes divide. More importantly, it creates an imperfect server hosting environment. I mean, it’s hardly fair that our Basic Plan, which is sold for $1.25 a month, offers the same exact level of performance as our Royal Plan, which is $24.95 a month. This is why we are going to be introducing new restrictions to just how powerful our web hosting plans truly are.

Starting immediately, the following restrictions are in place.

Basic Plan: 25% CPU, 256MB RAM
Eternal: 85% CPU, 750MB RAM
Starter Plan: 85% CPU, 750MB RAM
Jester’s Plan: 100% CPU, 1GB RAM
King’s Plan: 150% CPU, 1.5GB RAM
Royal Plan: 300% CPU, 2GB RAM

Previously, 100% CPU and 1GB of RAM was the ‘base-level’ that all of our accounts had. If a client of ours needed to increase this, we would do so free of charge. Additionally, our system would automatically increase the resource allotments naturally, to ensure that each website that we hosted remained stable at all times. These limits, back then, were mostly just there to ensure that denial-of-service attacks were unlikely to affect the rest of our server, and thus, our other customers.

But what if I need more processing power? You ask. Do I really need to cough up more money??

Well, that depends. We will happily increase your CPU or even RAM limits, but only within reason. Obviously, we don’t want to give one of our Basic Plan customers access to Royal Plan power, as that would pretty much defeat the point of our Royal Plan. However, if a Basic Plan customer wishes to have performance at or around our Starter Plan, we can definitely make that happen, assuming that you are actively hitting your account limits. If you don’t need the extra power, we simply will not grant it. In that case, it becomes a want, not a need.

Hopefully, these additional limits will allow for us to provide a high quality web hosting experience for everyone, no matter which hosting package they ultimately sign up for. And of course, we may end up changing the above mentioned limits on a plan by plan basis, to help ensure that we can meet everybody’s hosting needs. For example, if 80% of everyone on our Basic Plan can’t even run a basic WordPress blog due to these limits? We’ll increase them. But for now, consider the above limits to be active, and we believe they’re in a “good enough” state for the majority of our users.


And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.