Being caught with zero backups after a critical system failure is a really horrible feeling. Sure, most reputable website hosting providers will backup their servers fairly often, but you shouldn’t have to rely on your host to handle the backup process for you. I mean, what if something really goes wrong? What if you need to restore individual files or directories? What if the world ends?!

Don’t get us wrong, DoRoyal is among those providers that automatically backup all user accounts once every 24 hours. In fact, we even give our users the tools to run and manage their own backups, on our own servers. The problem? Everything stays within our network. Within our control. Sure, we share that control with you, but still. It’s an “all your eggs in one basket” situation, and typically, it’s ideal to avoid those.

That’s why we highly recommend using a third party backup solution, such as CodeGuard. With CodeGuard, all backups are stored remotely, entirely outside of our network. So, if our stuff goes down? Your backups will remain accessible.

But why would I want to pay for a third party backup service, when DoRoyal already offers this exact same thing for free??

Well, to be absolutely blunt? While we do absolutely everything that we can to ensure that our servers are actively backed up, we cannot promise, nor do we make the claim, of offering a perfect service. In fact, our Terms of Service state the following; “Customer agrees to maintain a current copy of all content hosted by DoRoyal Hosting. The backups that we operate and maintain are for the core of the server itself, and do not come with any warranty or guarantee.  We make our backup services available to you on an “as-is” basis. If a loss of data should occur due to a failure with our backup services, DoRoyal takes no responsibility. The customer is ultimately the one responsible for backing up and maintaining their web hosting account with us.” 

Okay fine, having multiple backup sources is great. How much does this thing cost? 

We sell CodeGuard as an optional (but highly encouraged) backup solution. The prices vary depending on the amount of storage space you’re looking to back up. You can view our pricing, or place an order, by going here – 

You said that CodeGuard stores its backups outside of the DoRoyal network. Where are they stored?

CodeGuard stores all of its user backups within AWS (Amazon Web Services). 


I Have Additional Questions

Feel free to reach out at your earliest convenience, as we’re always happy to answer any and all questions you may have regarding CodeGuard, or even just our core backup services that we run internally here at DoRoyal.