Google Domains ( is soon to be no more. No, for real. Here’s the official press release.

Instead, every GD customer is going to be migrated over to Squarespace, starting in the third quarter of this year. This may not seem like too big of a deal for many, but for a bunch of people that simply want a low-cost domain name, especially for a .COM, this transition may as well be the end of the world!

See, under Squarespace’s ownership, your domain will see a price increase. The purchase agreement (as mentioned in the press release linked above) only provides a single 12 month period where you can continue to renew your domain at the current rate of $12.00 USD.

After those 12 months are up? Well, Squarespace currently sells their .COM domains for $20.00 a year. That’s more than GoDaddy, as well as DoRoyal. In fact, it’s more than most providers. So, what gives? Are you just going to be forced to bow down and accept your new Square overlords?!

Well, no. Thankfully, we here at DoRoyal are creating an awesome refuge program for those of you that have a .COM hosted with Google Domains. Starting immediately, all new registrations or transfers will be $12.00 USD per year, with this price remaining at $12 basically forever! To take advantage of this amazing promo, all you have to do is enter google into the little promotion box during checkout for a new .COM domain.

Just be aware that this is only for yearly registrations. If you’re paying for multiple years upfront, you’re not going to get the promo rate. Sorry about that!

Also, while DoRoyal is relatively known for being inexpensive, with us pricing our website hosting packages based on the available server technology that we deploy, be aware that our domain name pricing is not set in stone. We get our domains through a third party, and thus, we pay a bit of a wholesale rate on new domain registrations. However, as of June 20th 2023, the amount that we pay for each .COM is $11.29 per year. By selling a .COM registration for $12.00, we’re basically not making any money at all, what with PayPal fees and such taking a big cut of things.

With that said, so long as DoRoyal remains profitable with our monthly and yearly hosting packages, we will continue to offer this $12 promotional rate basically forever.

And of course, if you’ve got any questions, we’d love to have you over on our Discord!