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Recurring Affiliate Program


Sell our hosting, get half of what we make!

DoRoyal is one of the only web hosts to operate on a 50/50 profit sharing system. Each time you refer a new customer to buy one of our services, you will get half of the total amount paid for as long as the referred client remains active. Whether that's monthly, yearly, or something in between. If they buy a website hosting product using your affiliate link, you will be paid half. Indefinitely. It's that simple!

Shared Hosting Commission Price
Basic Plan From $0.62 Recurring $1.25/month
Starter Plan From $1.97 Recurring $3.95/month
Jester's Plan From $2.97 Recurring $5.95/month
King's Plan From $7.47 Recurring $14.95/month
Royal Plan From $12.47 Recurring $24.95/month
Eternal Plan $150 One-time $300 One-time

Realtime Reports & Statistics

We provide real-time statistics as well as a monthly emailed report with information on any new clicks, conversions and commissions you have earned.

Quick & Reliable Payouts

There's no minimum affiliate balances, or minimum sales per month. We hold all affiliate payments for 45 days, and then you can request the funds at any time, no matter how much, or little, it may be.

Join Instantly

Join today, and you'll be paid as soon as your referrals are validated!

It's Entirely Free!

There are no fees, and you don't even need to be one of our active clients. Just sign up for free, and start referring straight away!