As mentioned back in 2020, DoRoyal is now providing a lifetime hosting plan. You can view our original announcement here, which also includes a short FAQ.

While the information provided in the original article is still accurate, I wanted to expand upon what was already said. Some of the stuff will be copy and pasted from the original article. We plan to expand this FAQ later.


Q. Lifetime Hosting? What is it?

A. The Eternal Kingdom is a lifetime hosting plan. You pay once, and get as much hosting as we can provide, for as long as we exist. It has 3GB of Disk Space, and 100GB of Monthly Bandwidth. These are hard limits, meaning you cannot go over them. If you use all of your bandwidth for a given month, your website will temporarily be suspended. If you use all of your available disk space, you will be unable to add more content to your website, and may start experiencing errors during normal site operation.

Q. Can I Buy More Disk Space or Bandwidth?

A. Not right now, no. While we do have plans to introduce account upgrades sometime in the near future, as of today, you are unable to add more disk space or bandwidth to your account.

Q. What Defines A “Lifetime”?

A. Basically, we will host your website for as long as we, DoRoyal, exist. The “lifetime” is for us, not you. In addition to that, we also take the lifetime of your website into account, specifically your primary domain name. If your domain stops pointing to our servers, such as if it expires, we will deem your website as “dead”, and remove it from our network.

Q. So, DoRoyal Could Vanish Tomorrow, Right?

A. Theoretically, yes. However, considering the fact that we’ve been around since 2012, the odds of us vanishing tomorrow are pretty slim.

Q. If I Stop Pointing My Domain To DoRoyal, My Site Gets Deleted?

A. Yup, pretty much exactly that. You must actively use our services, or else your account will be removed.

Q. What If My Website Is Simply Unpopular? 

A. We don’t care how much or how little traffic your website gets, so long as your primary domain is actively pointing to our network. Maintain your primary domain, and your account will be considered active.

Q. Is This Profitable?

A. If we were to sell this particular package with a monthly fee, we would charge $4.95 each month. This puts our Eternal Kingdom plan between our Jester’s Plan and Starter Plan, as far as features and cost go. We based our pricing calculations on a five year period, which is about $300 every five years. The average web hosting client will typically only host their website for upwards of two years. So in short, yes; this is profitable for us.

Q. How Much Does It Cost? 

A. Eternal Kingdom has an MSRP of $300 USD.

Q. Are There Any Additional Fees?

A. Yes, but also no. While the hosting itself is a one-time payment, we do provide additional and entirely optional services that may require monthly or yearly subscription fees. For example, we sell domain names, website backup services, website security services, email security services, SSL Certificates, and even a VPN.

Q. Do I Need A Domain Name? 

A. Yes, all of our web hosting accounts, including our Eternal Kingdom package, require a domain name before the account can be created. You will be given the option to use your own domain that you already bought from another provider (such as GoDaddy), or you can register a domain name with DoRoyal directly.

Q. Will I Receive Tech Support?

A. Yes, you will receive the same amount and quality of support as any of our other customers. We won’t treat you differently just because you’re using a lifetime hosting plan.

Q. Are There Support Guarantees? 

A. Yup, there are! While we can’t guarantee that a particular problem will be resolved within a set time frame, since every support request is different. However, we do guarantee that you will receive a response from us within 12 hours. The average ticket response time is 45 minutes.

Q. Can I Transfer My Existing Website Over To DoRoyal?

A. Yup. We provide free website transfers, so long as it’s from a cPanel server. Contact our Migrations department and we’ll freely transfer your site over for you.

Q. Who Owns DoRoyal? 

A. DoRoyal is owned and operated by Sidular. We are an independent website hosting provider, and run all of our servers from a Kansas City datacenter.

Q. Does DoRoyal Resell Hosting? 

A. No, we operate our own servers, and have full and complete root access to everything. DoRoyal is not a hosting reseller.

Q. Does DoRoyal Resell Domain Names? 

A. Yes, DoRoyal itself is not accredited with ICANN, so we instead resell our domain names via ResellerClub.

Q. Does DoRoyal Resell Other Services? 

A. Yes, we also resell additional services that do not operate within the DoRoyal network. These include, but are not limited to, SSL Certificates, website backup services, website security services, email security services, and a VPN.